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Mitarbeiter organisiert Mehrweglagerboxen in einem effizienten Lagerhaltungssystem

Food, agriculture, automotive or pharmaceuticals – we know how to optimally store and transport goods. As a specialist in reusable transport packaging, we understand the specific challenges of a wide range of industries. What sets us apart? Decades of experience and an understanding of our customers' diverse logistics processes. This enables us to create tailor-made, needs-based solutions together. Whether plastic containers, trays or pallets – our aim is to offer efficient, safe and sustainable packaging solutions that ensure a smooth supply chain and secure your success.

Mitarbeiter organisiert Mehrweglagerboxen in einem effizienten Lagerhaltungssystem


Automobilproduktionslinie mit Motoren und blauen Mehrwegtransportkisten für Bauteile

Efficient supply chains in the automotive industry – full speed ahead in logistics

Reusable transport packaging is an essential element in the supply chain between car manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry (OEMs). Without this element, there is no movement – just like in road traffic. Our standardized load carriers, such as the VDA-KLT, ensure that parts, components and electronics are transported safely and are available in all phases of the production process. We solve special logistical challenges with custom-made containers and workpiece carriers. Whether standard or customized solutions, our products will get your logistics moving.

Sustainable packaging for maximum freshness

The storage and transportation of food is a particular logistical challenge. From the producer to the weekly market, the food processing industry, the stationary trade or directly to the customer's home – the supply chains in food logistics are diverse. In addition, food containers must meet high quality standards in terms of food safety, hygiene and product protection. No matter how complex the logistics chains for meat, fish, baked goods, fruit and vegetables are, we offer the right solution for the storage and transportation of your products with our food containers.


Gelbe Paprikas in einer schwarzen Mehrwegkiste auf einem Förderband in einer modernen Lebensmittelverarbeitungsanlage


Junge Tulpen in Mehrwegtransportbehältern im Gewächshaus, optimiert für Agrarprodukte

Reusable containers for "green" products

Agriculture is a "broad field" and we offer the right solutions for a wide range of agricultural products. This is where our roots as a manufacturer of reusable solutions lie, as our first plastic containers were produced for flower bulbs. Today, we offer suitable reusable solutions for all agricultural products, from fresh food to plant crates for horticulture and tree nurseries. Good air circulation, smooth surfaces or water drainage holes to prevent waterlogging – all our storage and transport containers are tailored to the specific requirements of your products.

Safe and efficient pharmaceutical logistics

The logistics of pharmaceutical and healthcare products is particularly demanding. The products must be stored and transported safely and hygienically. Our special solutions for pharmaceutical products meet these requirements perfectly and are ideal for use in automated small parts warehouses and shuttle systems. With appropriate coding, the contents of each container can be traced, ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. We support your pharmaceutical logistics with our containers and trays.



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Best Practice

In close cooperation with the Dutch producer of tulips, Mopableom and Agrifirm-GMN, bekuplast developed a special container for growing tulips. With the new tulip containers, Mopabloem was able to increase its yield by 20%.


bekuplast developed a new transport, storage and preservation container for the confectionery industry.


bekuplast developed a plastic container with a wooden look for Karls for the presentation of goods in farm shops. The special solution combines functionality and a design that matches the brand essence.


The delivery period can be significantly extended with special containers for blueberries.



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