Special containers for storing blueberries

The delivery period can be significantly extended with special containers for blueberries.

Gelbe Spezialbehälter voll mit frischen Heidelbeeren auf einer schwarzen Palette
Orangefarbene Kisten von bekuplast, gefüllt mit frischen Heidelbeeren, auf einem Fördersystem, entwickelt für das Unternehmen Thiermann zur schonenden Ernte und optimalen Lagerung der Früchte, um Qualität und Frische zu bewahren.
Orangefarbene, flache Ernte- und Lagerungsbehälter gefüllt mit frischen Heidelbeeren, entworfen für den Schutz der Beeren vor Beschädigungen, mit optionalen Mittelstegen gegen Rollbewegungen und kompatibel mit Euromaß-Standards.

Crates for harvesting and storing blueberries

bekuplast developed a special container for blueberries for the long-established company Thiermann. The Thiermann family business has been growing regional specialities such as asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and beans for more than 40 years. To ensure that the high quality of the fruit is maintained after harvesting and that the berries arrive fresh at the consumer, it is crucial to store the fruit carefully and under optimal climatic conditions. Together with the company Thiermann, bekuplast has developed a special container for this purpose.

Container ideal for CA and ULO storage

During development, particular attention was paid to the perforation of the berry containers. The openings in the base and side walls of the plastic container must not be too large for the small berries, but must still ensure sufficient ventilation. The blueberry containers are designed in such a way that the air can circulate optimally so that wet berries dry during storage. The moisture can evaporate and the formation of mould is prevented. 

The special containers are ideal for the long-term storage of blueberries in CA and ULO warehouses. The blueberries are cooled quickly and evenly thanks to the excellent air circulation. This allows the freshness to be significantly extended so that the blueberries can still be marketed in good quality during the high-price season in autumn. 

The containers are particularly strong for palletised stacking in the warehouse and can withstand loads of up to 450 kg in the container stack.

Flat containers for gentle berry harvesting and storage

The containers for berries can be used for harvesting and storage. With a height of 90 or 100 mm, they are particularly flat to prevent crushing due to too much fruit in the container. The containers are optionally available with a centre bar to prevent the berries from rolling back and forth. The containers also have no sharp edges that could damage the fruit. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and hygienic. The containers have the standard Euro dimensions of 600 x 400 mm and are compatible with other standard containers.

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