Storing blueberries for longer freshness

The delivery period can be significantly extended using special containers for blueberries.

Boxes for harvesting and storing blueberries

The blueberry season starts In July and then, local blueberries will finally be on sale again. In order to preserve the high quality of the fruit after the harvest and ensure that the berries arrive to the consumer in a fresh condition, it is crucial that the fruit is stored in a protective way under optimum climatic conditions.

Containers ideal for CA and ULO storage

The perforation of bekuplast's berry containers is of particular importance. The openings in the bottom and side walls of the container should not be too large for the small berries to fall through, however it should still ensure adequate ventilation. As Gerold Wilms of bekuplast, a leader in the development and production of fruit and vegetable containers, explains, "Our blueberry containers are designed so that the air can circulate optimally. They are ideal for the long-term storage of blueberries in controlled atmosphere and ultra-low oxygen warehouses." For many years now, the manufacturer from the Lower Saxony town of Ringe has supplied a large number of blueberry growers with its containers. The optimal air circulation in these containers allows moist and wet berries to dry during storage. The moisture can evaporate and the formation of mould is prevented. In addition, the berries are cooled quickly and evenly thanks to the very good air circulation in the controlled atmosphere and ultra-low oxygen warehouses. For pallet-wise stacking in the warehouse, the containers are particularly strong and withstand loads of up to 450 kg in the container stack.

As Wilms, whose customers have already had positive experience with this container, states, "By using the right container, the freshness can be significantly extended so that the blueberries can be marketed in good quality, even in the high-price season in autumn."

Flat containers for gentle harvesting and storage of berries

The containers for berries can be used for harvesting and storage. With a height of 90 or 100 mm, they are particularly flat. This prevents crushing as a result of too much fruit in the container. Optionally, the containers are available with a central bar, which prevents the berries rolling to and fro. In addition, the containers have no sharp edges that can damage the fruit. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and hygienic. The containers come in the standard Euro size (600 x 400 mm) and are compatible with other standard containers.

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