Intralogistics container contecline for the first time as a compact version

With the compressed "contecline compact", bekuplast for the first time combines the design advantages of a rigid miniload container with the logistical advantages of a collapsible container.

The "contecline" container series was specially developed for use in miniload and shuttle systems. However, the new compressed version of the "contecline compact" has a special feature: the volume of the compact "contecline compact" model can be reduced by 70% to save space when storing and transporting the containers. For use in the miniload, the compressed container is erected once fully automatically. After raising, the side walls of the intralogistics container are absolutely securely fixed. In terms of stability, load-bearing capacity and running properties, the collapsible version is on a par with a rigid "contecline" container.

Save space, reduce costs

The "contecline compact" is an attractive solution for logistics providers and customers who operate internationally. The compressed container offers clear logistical advantages. The volume of the collapsed containers is 70% less. This reduces transport costs. Particularly in the case of long transport routes and large container volumes, such as those required when setting up a new miniload, the savings potential is considerable.

Less volume = less CO2

The "contecline compact" container is also convincing from an ecological point of view. Compared to a rigid container, only 1/3 of truck transports are required for the transport of the compact intralogistics container and the emission of climate-damaging CO2 emissions and pollutants is greatly reduced.

Folding intralogistics container is available climate neutral

The "contecline compact" container is available climate-neutral on request. bekuplast offers its customers basically all products also climate-neutral in cooperation with ClimatePartner. If the customer opts for a climate-neutral product, all CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided in the manufacturing process are offset. CO2 compensation is achieved by supporting climate protection projects that are audited and certified according to international standards. The climate-neutral products can be recognized by the "climate neutral" label from "ClimatePartner".

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