The bekuplast advent calendar 2021

We have received a lot of positive feedback about our Advent calendar. For those who were not able to open every door, we have a review here.

Below we open all the doors for you once again with lots of Christmas information about bekuplast.

Have fun!


1. door

The countdown begins...

At the latest when our caretaker Daniel decorates the premises with many lamps, it is clear to everyone - it's Christmas!
We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season!


2. door

Fasting before Christmas

Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. While we in Germany feast and snack lavishly in the run-up to Christmas, our colleagues in Poland fast during Advent. The traditional Christmas meal "Wigilia" begins when the first star appears in the sky on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve is still part of Lent, meat is avoided. There are twelve different dishes on the table as a reference to the twelve apostles of Jesus. Also on 25 December and 26 December is celebrated with the family. At a large Christmas dinner, meat can be served again.

3. door

The Smell of Christmas Cookies

The colleagues from the marketing department are already in the Christmas mood. For their colleagues, they have gone into the kitchen and baked an extra large portion of cookies ... no cookie jar is enough.

Luckily, we have food-safe containers with sufficient capacity, such as our translucent lightline series ;-)

4. door

View into the warehouse

Before Christmas, things get busy ... in the run-up to Christmas, even more goods are transported and our containers are in corresponding demand. In December, around 65 trucks are handled daily by our warehouse team, who always keep a good mood despite the stress and try to make everything possible.


5. door

Sinterklaas, zijn vriend Piet en heel veel cadeautjes

Today is a special day for the Dutch colleagues at our subsidiary Schiphorst - Sinterklaas.

On the evening of December 5, the so-called "Pakjesavond", "Sinterklaas" and his friend "Piet" bring presents to the children. Since Sinterklaas brings the most presents, he has an even higher status in the Netherlands than Santa Claus.


6. door

Santa Claus was here ... 

Traditionally, children put their shoes in front of the door on the evening of December 5, so that Santa Claus can fill them with goodies. At bekuplast it has been the custom for many years that the trainees support Santa Claus :-) They don't fill the employees' shoes, but they do fill the Advent plates that are set up throughout the company.


7. door

No gifts? No problem! We take care of the transport

No Christmas presents yet, but also no desire for the hustle and bustle in the pedestrian precincts? Then you can conveniently order gifts online. It's quite possible that your gift has then been stored in one of our containers, such as the contecline series. This year bekuplast has produced more than 3 million containers for online retailing.


8. door

Year after year ...

... we get out the boxes with the Christmas decorations to decorate our home festively.

Our multifunctional boxes are ideal for this purpose and are also popular among the bekuplast team as practical organizers. In many sizes, with precisely fitting insert boxes and dust-protecting lids, everything is safely stowed away.

Our colleague Heike stores her Christmas decorations in lightline containers.

9. door


TEAM SPIRIT is very important to us. We support the volleyball team of SC Union Emlichheim, and are happy with the team about the sporting successes in the 2nd German league.

The SCU team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Link to the film

10. door

A perfect fit for every package

The contecline intralogistics containers are equipped with an integrated partition system as standard. The partitions are simply inserted into the fixing slots. 

Slipping or rattling during transport? Out of the question! From a half to an eighth partition, everything is possible. The ideal solution for goods of different sizes.

11. door

From household waste to environmentally friendly reusable containers

At Christmas time, the mountain of waste grows - but not all waste is the same.

There are valuable resources in our waste that we can use to make new products. With our new bekuplast Quality Compound (BQC), our environmentally friendly reusable transport packaging is even more sustainable. The BQC consists of at least 50% post consumer material (PCM).

Proper waste separation is important for the recycling process. So please pay attention to what ends up in your yellow bag this holiday season.

Together we can make the world a greener place.

12. door

Silent night, burning bright

All new colleagues recite a poem at our Christmas party.

The idea of the Christmas poems originated many years ago from a little joke among colleagues. Today, the Christmas poems are a tradition and a fixed program item at the Christmas party. With poems, some of them written by the colleagues themselves, they create a Christmas atmosphere. 

13. door

Our bekuplast advent calendar

The Advent calendar for our employees has been a tradition for many years. Every day a little door is opened, behind which a gift is waiting. Our colleagues from the reception draw the lucky winner of the Advent door from the lottery box. By the way, our silverline series with hinged lid is perfect as a lottery box :-)


14. door

We move the world with sustainable returnable solutions

Our vision is to change logistics sustainably. To achieve this, we design creative reusable solutions and continuously develop the use of recycled materials. 

Reusable is the future - and our success proves us right. In 2021, 26.8 million products left our factory in Ringe. A new record!

15. door

We make Christmas trees grow

In our development department, we create reusable solutions that are specially designed to match the logistical requirements of our customers. We use rapid prototyping to create full-size models. In this process, the prototype is created in a 3D printer. The plastic is applied layer by layer ... like this mini Christmas tree!

Link to the film

16. door

Delicious Christmas dinner

Already have an idea what to eat for Christmas? We asked around the bekuplast team what to eat for Christmas.

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17. door

Give sustainable gifts

Despite increasing environmental awareness, we still consume too many resources and produce vast amounts of packaging waste. Reason enough to pause just before Christmas shopping, because there are many ideas for giving sustainable gifts:
Tip 1: Give time as a gift, e.g. a dinner together, a trip to nature, ... 
Tip 2: Upcycling - craft your gift yourself and create something new from old things with a little creativity. 
Tip 3: Try to buy products that are produced sustainably, e.g. products that bear the certified "Blue Angel" quality seal. By the way, our environmentally friendly Euro-Norm containers of the lightline and basicline series are certified with the "Blue Angel".

18. door

Old becomes new

Sure, our reusable transport packaging can be used multiple times, but even the best quality plastic container will eventually outlive its useful life. That is why we offer our customers to take back old containers for recycling. We want to do our part to protect the environment and use quality-tested regranulate for the production of our products as soon as the opportunity arises. We are very pleased that this year we were able to increase the recycling rate from 20% to 29%.

19. door

Merry Christmas...

... wish Stephanie Weggebakker, Christian Roelofs and Jörg Deglmann!

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20. door

How time flies ...

... these photos were taken 10 years ago at our Christmas party.

Many colleagues were already part of the team at that time and have remained loyal to bekuplast until today - the special thing about a family business.


21. door

Gifts packaged sustainably

With 218 kg of packaging waste per capita and year, Germany is the European champion. During the Christmas season, a large part of the waste is generated by gift packaging. By using reusable packaging, we can easily avoid waste.
But do gift bags and boxes always have to be made of cardboard? 
Our plastic containers can also be used as gift wrapping and after Christmas they can be reused as practical organizers. A double gift.

22. door

Food well packaged

No matter what ends up on the table at Christmas, with our food containers we ensure smooth fresh food logistics. Whether meat, fish, baked goods, fruit and vegetables - food is transported hygienically and gently in our special containers. 

In 2021 bekuplast has produced 15 million containers for the food industry, agriculture and pool service providers.

23. door

Grafschafter vouchers for the employees

With a heavy heart, we had to cancel the Christmas party again this year due to the current Corona situation - safety first for Merry Christmas.

To thank the employees for the past year, the management came up with something. In addition to the Christmas bonus, there was a little pre-Christmas present: in the mailbox at home was a Grafschafter voucher with which the employees can store, feast or be pampered in the county. With the Grafschafter voucher, the management not only wants to give the staff a little treat, they also want to support the local businesses in the county.    

24. door

The bekuplast Christmas story

Once upon a time, there was a small company that produced plastic containers for transporting flower bulbs on an injection molding machine in Emlichheim. This company was founded by Wilhelm Roelofs, Wilfried Kohl and Horst Niere. That's right, this story is about bekuplast.

In 1995 we had something to celebrate, because we produced the 100,000th container for a Dutch customer. These were Lelie containers, which we still sell today. 

Our managing director Wilhelm Roelofs wanted to thank our customer personally for the successful cooperation. He had a Lelie container painted gold and personally delivered it to the customer on December 24 with the last truck load. The customer was very happy about this gesture at Christmas. With his appreciative manner, Wilhelm Roelofs has left a lasting mark on the values of the family business since it was founded in 1985. 

By the way, the business relationship between the Dutch customer and us still exists today.

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