bekuplast supports "Kinder heilen e. V."

The association "Kinder heilen e. V." is committed to helping children suffering from the incurable butterfly disease.

The association provides information about its work on the website

bekuplast supports the work of the association "Kinder heilen e. V." with a donation of 2,500 euros. Stephanie Weggebakker and Jan Sünneker handed over the donation cheque to board members Mehmet Satar and Metin Caylar.

The association "Kinder heilen e. V." supports children and people abroad who suffer from the incurable disease epidermolysis bullosa (EB). In the case of the so-called butterfly disease, the skin of those affected is as vulnerable as the wings of a butterfly. The cause of the disease is a genetic defect. About two to three out of 100,000 people suffer from this extremely painful disease. Even light touches or falls can lead to blisters, wounds and great pain. The association has made it its mission to provide medical support for children with the butterfly disease and tries to make their lives more comfortable.

But it was not only the fate of the butterfly children that touched Mehmet Satar, the founder of "Kinder heilen e. V.". When large parts of Turkey and Syria were hit by a devastating earthquake in February 2023, the association decided to help the earthquake victims at short notice. Mehmet Satar used his connections in Turkey to coordinate the relief operation quickly and effectively. In addition to money, urgently needed donations in kind such as tents, blankets, winter clothing and hygiene articles were collected.

bekuplast would like to express its respect and thanks to all the volunteers of "Kinder heilen e. V." for their great social commitment and hopes to be able to help a little further with the donation.

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