Together for sustainable reusable solutions

The company Technische Unie focuses on sustainable solutions and has been using bekuplast reusable containers for many years.

Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesaler of sanitary and installation supplies in the Netherlands. In 2007, the company modernised its distribution centre in Alphen and decided at that time to use reusable plastic containers instead of disposable cardboard boxes. By using plastic containers, Technische Unie aimed to avoid 3.5 million tonnes of disposable cardboard boxes per year. 

This was the beginning of a sustainable partnership with bekuplast. In close cooperation with Technische Unie, bekuplast developed a customised AKL container that not only met special ergonomic requirements, but also took the principle of sustainability into account. At the start of the project, Technische Unie's old containers were recycled and reused for the production of the new containers. 

For the production of the new AKL containers, bekuplast uses 50 % recycled material and 50 % new material. Some containers have even been in use since 2008. At the end of their life cycle, all reusable containers can be 100% recycled and returned to the material cycle.

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