Special box for online food sales

Special “Drop Box” container developed by bekuplast for a Finish online retailer.

The box for online trading - for order picking, storage and transport of goods to the customer

The “Drop Box” is an innovative container for the online food trade. The container features special rounded openings for attaching three carrier bags. The goods ordered online are picked and packed in the box, delivered to the customer’s home, and handed over in the carrier bag.

The positioning of the ergonomic open grips ensures that the bags attached to the box will not be damaged when the container is carried.

The “Drop Box” combines function and design: Adhesive labels come off the perforated pattern with ease. The perforation of the container, made up of many small drops, simultaneously reflects the “freshness” of the products visually. And last but not least, the drop also stands for “dropping the product off at the client”. With this box, everything is guaranteed to reach the customer safely and fresh.

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