bekuplast, manufacturer of reusable transport solutions, sponsors "Mobile Rescuers"

bekuplast, the specialist for reusable plastic solutions, supports the "Mobile Rescuers" with 200 respiratory masks.

In Germany, around 75,000 people experience a breakdown of the cardiovascular system each year. Resuscitation measures are often implemented too late. For this reason, we only manage to resuscitate seven percent of the people concerned.

 It was whilst setting up rapid medical aid on a large scale that the "mobile rescuers" were born. In the event of an emergency, experienced first aiders who are in the immediate vicinity are informed, in parallel with the emergency services, through a mobile application. Resuscitation measures can be implemented quickly, and the survival rate is increased.

With around 1,800 mobile rescuers, the network of "Ems-Vechte" control centres (Ems Region and Bentheim County) is the largest in Germany. Among them, the community of communes of Emlichheim has 140. In order to support the project, Bekuplast GmbH donated 200 high-quality respiratory masks with filters to the community of municipalities in Emlichheim. β€œIt is important that mobile rescuers are always well equipped because they save human lives. For this reason, we are happy to support the project,” said Norbert Michalik, commercial director of Bekuplast GmbH.

Despite the current coronavirus crisis, "mobile rescuers" continue to invest in the region, while respecting security measur

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