New folding box with maximum volume reduction

The new container height of the "Clever-Retail-Box" offers more space. With a volume reduction of 80% the box is a true space-saving miracle.

Space-saving folding box for storage and transport

The proven "Clever-Retail-Box" in the basic size of 600 x 400 mm is now also available with a height of 400 mm and a hinged two-part hinged lid. The new container size offers even more space for stowing content and, at the same time, it is a true space saving miracle. After use, the "Clever Retail Box" with a lid can be collapse manually or fully automatically. The volume of the box is therefore reduced by 80% and the empty boxes can be stored in a way that saves space and money, and then be transported back. Suitable for the individual requirements in the field of storage technology, the folding container is available with a smooth base or a miniload base.

Box with theft protection for safe transport

In order to protect the goods, the container has a two-part hinged lid. When the container is open, the lid flaps fit closely together and save space. The container flaps are interlocked in order to prevent anyone being able to reach into the box. In addition, the folding container for theft protection on a grid handle handle and can also be secured with a seal. The lid flaps of the open container are tight and save space on the container.

 Flyer Clever-Retail-Box

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