The super box for confectionery

bekuplast developed a new transport, storage and preservation container for the Dutch confectionery manufacturer Concorp.

Mitarbeiter in Schutzkleidung füllt spezielle Behälter für die Süßwarenindustrie mit Lakritz, im Hintergrund ein Stapel präzise angepasster weißer Boxen für den Transport von Süßigkeiten, die hohe innerbetriebliche Logistikanforderungen von Concorp erfüllen.
Produktionsumgebung bei Concorp mit fein perforierten bekuplast Behältern voller Lakritzen, optimiert für Lüftung und Trocknung, um die Qualität der Süßwaren zu erhalten, ohne Abdrücke zu hinterlassen, und sicherzustellen, dass die Drops in Form bleiben.
Weißer, strukturierter Kunststoffbehälter, entworfen von bekuplast für Concorp, spezialisiert auf den Transport und die Lagerung von Süßwaren, gezeigt in einer Nahaufnahme, die die Details und die Qualität der Behälterstruktur betont.
Stapel von weißen, lebensmittelechten HDPE Transportbehältern von bekuplast in einem Lager, konzipiert für Concorp zur Aufbewahrung von Fruchtgummis und Lakritzen, die den Trocknungsprozess unterstützen und gleichzeitig für sicheren Transport und Lagerung sorgen.
Reihe von lebensmittelechten, speziell dimensionierten Behältern in einem Produktionsumfeld, optimiert für den Süßwarenhersteller Concorp mit präzisen Maßen für Transportstraßen, entworfen für Handlichkeit und ergonomisches Handling durch die Mitarbeiter.

Specially adapted solution for the confectionery industry

The industry-specific container, of which 50,000 boxes are currently in use at Concorp, is designed to meet the high demands of in-house confectionery logistics.

Concorp is known for liquorice and wine gums in the shape of vehicles ("Autodrops", "Candy Cars") and has invented a technology to produce sweets with liquid filling and a combination of chocolate and liquorice in one drop. Several million kilograms of the sweets leave the factory in the Dutch-Frisian town of Jirnsum every year. Quality is the top priority: the high IFS and BRC standards for food safety must be complied with at all times and in all places.

One plastic container for transporting, storing and preserving

Concorp needed new transport boxes to catch the still lukewarm fruit gums and liquorice when they came out of the moulding press and drying line onto the conveyor belt. They also had to support the drying process and be suitable both for safe transport and for storing and preserving the confectionery.

The transport container specialists at bekuplast analysed the requirements and designed a new container for Concorp. The container, made of food-safe HDPE, is robust, yet lightweight, hygienic and recyclable to boot.

Container design for smooth handling

The highlights of bekuplast's industry-specific solution:

Box for clever ventilation and storage of confectionery products

The side walls of the containers are finely perforated - large enough to ventilate the confectionery well and dry it evenly, but small enough that the fine grid does not leave any marks on the confectionery and the drops cannot fall out. The containers hold ten kilograms of sweets each. The soft products are stacked in only a few layers to keep their shape.

Stacking container for space-saving and safe stacking

The stable corners and feet enable safe stacking on top of each other during transport and storage. The containers are filled with around 10 kg of confectionery. Even the bottom box reliably carries the largest load. Due to the stacking corners, the containers stand slightly elevated on top of each other - this creates a slot for air circulation to maintain the defined temperature range for drying and preservation.

Food containers with special dimensions

With dimensions of 570 x 370 x 140 millimetres, the containers are precisely matched to the confectionery manufacturer's transport lines. They are handy and ergonomically designed so that employees can easily take them off the conveyor.

Reusable containers - sustainable and recyclable

The bekuplast solution with reusable containers is sustainable. In addition, the boxes are made of extremely durable plastic. Even if the life cycle of the box should end after many years, it is 100 per cent recyclable - the recyclable material can be processed into new containers.

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