bekuplast donates for children and carers

The family-owned company bekuplast supports children and caregiver initiatives.

As a family business that is closely connected to the people in the region, bekuplast regularly gets involved in local projects. This year, the company has decided to support two regional initiatives as well as a supra-regional association that work for children and care workers.

With 500 Euros bekuplast supports the regional initiative of the siblings Anja Kethorn and Henning Kruse, who have started a fundraising campaign for doctors and nursing staff. The donations will benefit the Corona and intensive care unit as well as the palliative care unit of the Euregio Clinic in Nordhorn and the outpatient hospice service of Hospizhilfe Grafschaft Bentheim. The Corona pandemic has made the work in these areas particularly difficult. The initiative of Anja Kethorn and Henning Kruse would like to thank the nursing staff with donations and voucher campaigns and recognise their important work.

A donation of 1,500 euros went to "A Heart for Children". The organisation supports needy and distressed children in Germany. Internationally, "Ein Herz für Kinder" provides aid in war and disaster areas, among other things. The association also helps with life-saving operations for foreign children for whom there is no adequate medical care in their home countries.

The support association of the Ringe-Neugnadenfeld day care centre was supported by bekuplast with 1,500 euros. The donations are used to finance necessary purchases as well as activities and projects for the children.

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