bekuplast expands its warehouse capacities with new silos

The bekuplast group is increasing its warehouse capacities for raw materials and is investing around € 1 million in new silo facilities.

At bekuplast GmbH's headquarters in Ringe, around 20 million reusable transport packages leave the factory every year. These include storage and transport containers, pallets, as well as special plastic solutions that are used in almost all industries. The products are manufactured from plastic granulate. Due to the sharp increase in production output and to be prepared for large fluctuations and bottlenecks on the raw materials market, the company has decided to massively increase its warehouse capacities. A total of six new silos were purchased for this purpose. Based in Schapen, the company Eichholz was commissioned to manufacture and assemble the silos. The first two silos, with a capacity of 190 m3, were already installed at the end of September. The other four larger silos are currently being assembled at the site in Ringe. These silos have a height of 27.5 metres and a diameter of 5.6 metres.

Due to its size, transportation posed a particular logistical challenge. On Sunday, 13.10.2019, the silos were brought from Schapen to Ringe with a heavy transporter. For the complex transportation of the silos via Lingen, Geeste, Füchtenfeld and Georgsdorf to Ringe, slabs had to be laid, signs had to be taken down and traffic lights had to be turned.

In all, the capacity of the six new silo facilities is around 1,400 tonnes. The commissioning of these silos will increase the storage capacity for raw materials by around 130%. Together with the existing silo facilities, 2,500 tons of raw material can then be stored. In addition to single-chamber silos, two multi-chamber silos will also be used, which will enable special plastics to be stored in smaller quantities.

Depending on the application, bekuplast uses different plastics for the production of sustainable reusable transport packaging. Both plastics made of virgin material as well as recycled material are used. Around 50 % of the raw materials processed at bekuplast are now made from recycled material and this share is rising steadily. These plastics come from recycled containers, so-called ground materials, or mixed plastics from "yellow sack" waste. They are reprocessed for production using special, technically complex processes.

From left to right: Kay Brenner, Ansgar Schepers, Norbert Michalik and Christian Roelofs delivering the new silos

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