An innovative foldable container for modern fresh food logistics

The German container producer bekuplast has brought a new foldable container for fresh food logistics onto the market.

The Clever-Fresh-Box advance with a lift lock
Stable corner design for accommodating high loads
Smooth surfaces to protect fruits and vegetables

Space-saving folding boxes for storing and transporting fruit and vegetables.

Since the 90’s, the leading manufacturer of volume-reducing reusable packaging for transport has been developing and producing foldable containers for fruit and vegetables and is a business associate for leading pool suppliers in Europe. Many years of experience, a high level of development expertise and knowledge of the exact needs of the industry have all contributed to the development of the new foldable container "Clever-Fresh-Box advance".

Easily save storage space and transport costs with a volume reduction of up to 84 %.

When folded, the new foldable container "Clever-Fresh-Box advance" reduces volume by approx. 84 % and as a result it can be transported and stored in a way that particularly saves space and money. The sophisticated corner and base design enables heavy loads to be accommodated and ensures that the containers stack well.

The stable side walls are perforated and ensure optimum ventilation of the goods. In order to transport and store fruit and vegetables in a particularly protective way, all surfaces are smooth without sharp edges.

Clever details such as the ergonomic liftlock, integrated hooks for fastening cling film and grooves for fixing a band round off the overall functional concept of the foldable container.

Currently, the foldable container is offered in the size 600 x 400 x 230 mm and is compatible with other containers which are generally used on the market. The container will be available in other heights soon.

Easy to clean and food-safe containers

The containers are very easy to clean and they resist residual water after washing and drying. In no time at all, they can be automatically folded together and folded out again and as such, they are ideal for automated processes. Upon request, an inmould label can be fully integrated onto the long side of a container.

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