A tray for all containers

bekuplast presents a universal tray for holding containers of various sizes at LogiMAT 2019.

Only one tray for containers measuring 200 x 150 mm, 300 x 200 mm, 400 x 300 mm and 600 x 400 mm

The innovative tray offers maximum flexibility due to its unique mechanics. Containers with base dimensions of 200 x 150 mm, 300 x 200 mm, 400 x 300 mm and 600 x 400 mm can be freely positioned – even in the middle – and combined on the tray. Thus bekuplast offers a self-positioning tray with maximum holding possibilities. Secure fixing of the various containers on the tray is ensured through movable stop elements in the form of rocker switches.This simple and at the same time very effective mechanism is particularly durable due to its robust construction.

Tray for use in automatic small parts storage, suitable for Euornorm containers and KLTs

The tray with automatic small parts storage capability and base dimensions of 600 x 400 mm has a smooth bottom which can withstand loads of up to 50 kg. In addition, special stacking beads allow for secure and precise stacking of trays. The tray is available in two different versions for standard Euro containers and KLTs.

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