Circular economy for a sustainable life with plastics

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Plastics are found in all areas of our lives. It is almost impossible to do without plastic, which makes it all the more important to use it consciously: away from a throwaway society and towards an ecologically sustainable circular economy. The plastics industry is breaking new ground and has launched the "We are plastics" initiative. 
Under the umbrella of the "We are plastics" initiative, the associations of the plastics industry have been pooling their experience and know-how since 2021. The aim of the initiative is to promote an open exchange on innovations and to drive sustainable developments in the plastics industry towards a circular economy.

bekuplast, manufacturer of reusable transport packaging and itself a member of the pro-K association, has always been committed to sustainable reusable solutions and welcomes this initiative. Since 1985, bekuplast has been producing durable reusable solutions such as plastic containers, trays, pallets and special solutions, e.g. customised containers. The container manufacturer focuses on resource-saving production and the use of recycled materials

The website provides a lot of interesting information about plastics, their diverse areas of application, their sustainable use, exciting innovations as well as professions and training opportunities in the plastics industry. The platform also reports on much discussed issues and problems with plastics at the end of their use.

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